Thursday, 7 February 2013

Weight loss Wednesday on a thursday

First post in probably two weeks. My laptop has been dead and I've hardly been home to sort that out. In other words, I couldn't be bothered to sort it out. So I had a brain wave whilst I was at work. I could write a post on my iPod and then post it when I get home. Work isn't particularly busy at the moment and I'm only doing this when I have the free time i.e lunch. Anyway, this is a post about mu continuing story with my weight lost or lack thereof.

I haven't been to the gym as much of the last couple of weeks. Last week I was just exhausted and slept most of the time - 100% down to hormones. When I weighed myself I had gone back up what I had lost. Was not happy. Then Friday just gone Id lost a pound again. Its better than nothing I suppose, but it can be incredibly frustrating to feel like you're doing most of the right things and seeing no results. This is usually the time I give up, but I'm trying to resist old habits.

I went to the gym Sunday just gone and basically did EVERYTHING. Weights, crunches and 35 minutes on the cross trainer. I haven't been since as I've been working late and I just find it a little scary going to the gym at night. When I say scary, I mean intimidating. I almost want to give up, but I'm going today after work.

Plus, I went to the chiropractors yesterday and she asked me if I had lost weight!! I almost got up and did a party dance there and then, but somehow resisted. The fact that someone has actually noticed a difference means its working and I can honestly say that my clothes feel loser. I really just hope that I will see results when I weigh myself tomorrow morning.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hi love, thanks so much for following my blog! I know what you mean, sometimes I go so hard at the gym and it feels like it makes no difference, but it will eventually!

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