Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hopes everyone had a lovely time. This post would have had photos but, alas, my camera is dead. Christmas went far far far too quick. But I'm quite ready to wave goodbye to 2012, you have been a bizarre year.

Christmas involved a few near-death experiences as I skidded down the A12 to pick the boyf up. Dinner at Toby Carvery, where way too much food was consumed. Followed by the delight-able experience of present-opening. I am really delighted by the presents I got this year, I literally felt spoilt. New clothes & shoes which were gorgeous. Mac makeup and nail's inc nail varnish which is incredibly glittery. I got a few things from lush which I will be happy to try out, I love their stuff. I've managed to get my hands on some Snow Fairy; I absolutely love this product. I now take it to the gym with me, it's my little pat on the back to myself after every work out. I come out of the gym smelling lovely.

I'm hoping still, to get my hands on some soap & glory products but I am very very poor this month. After paying for Mama's spar day for her birthday and putting the deposit on my friend's hen night I have been left very light of pocket.

A few reviews to come once my camera is back to life!


Thursday, 20 December 2012


I so so so want this. I have heard so many good things about this. I will be seeing if I can get my hands on this soon enough. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New year approaching

It's scary to think that the new year is not very far to come. I'm hoping that it will bring a better year in general, I'm sure it will bring new challenges and what not. But one thing I want to try and work on, is the my skin care and to try to find some new make up / beauty products. I'm very neglectful some times to my skin, simple because I've not been in a habit to exfoliate and cleanse etcetc. But I really want to sort that out in the new year. I think it's just because I don't fully understand all aspects that I don't really know what to get. I'm also hoping to lose some weight - I say that every year and only have managed it once! I definitely want to try and be more healthy in general... again, we will see about that! : )

Saturday, 15 December 2012


It's nearly here, it's really really close. I can almost smell it. Although, that could be just the pretty candles I have burning, but that's neither here nor there. This is usually my most favourite time of the year. I'm naturally a very family-orrientated person. This year I haven't really bought many presents for people, but that hasn't bothered me. I'm SO excited for my Ma to see what I've bought her and very apprehensive about the boy opening up his presents. But hopefully all will go well.

I know that I'm getting so MAC make up as my mum slipped up this year, in fact, I seem to know what I'm getting from my mum & not by choice. Hello new clothes, hat, make up & high-heels! I've already started to think about her birthday present, she's going to be 59 & after my Dad's huge 60th I feel the need to treat her. After seeing some comments on both here & twitter, I've decided to book her (& myself of course!) in for a pamper day! It's not till May, so it's giving me something to look forward. The main reason for booking so early is because there's a special deal on the Clarice website (here) during December. Hello lovely 2-4-1! But there's also a special Mama & daughter day! That will be her start off gift, I might get her some jewellery, perfume... The difficulty with my mum is that her skin is super sensitive, so a lot of make up and other beauty products are a no go. HOWEVER, I will be seeing if I can find some stuff from Lush, but I highly doubt there will be anything there suitable. I just feel that this year has been a very difficult one not just for me, but for my mum. It means a lot that I will be able to treat her. I'm not sure what else to get, she's so hard to buy for!

But for now, I'm hoping she will just enjoy her Christmas presents - a day trip to spend with some wild birds. She LOVES bird, so there we go. Seemed perfect.

So the Christmas tree is finally up, outside lights are a go - tinsel is everywhere. Presents all bought & wrapped. WITH 10 DAYS STILL GO. I feel that I have achieved my goal this year.. Buy in advance.

How's everyone else's shopping experience going? Any suggestions on the birthday present front? :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The most common thought of today was : 'Please just don't be sick'. I honestly do not think I have ever been more nervous than I have been today. I literally was pleading with my stomach to remain where the FUCK it was. Thankfully, it complied well but there was a few moments where it was touch and go. The reason?

I had my midwifery interview today. It is the scariest thought that this one day has the potential to change my life, forever. I have decided that if I don't get in, I will try one more time and then I will have to find another career path. I'm not confident that I did well in my maths assessment at all - in fact I think I literally got half marks, maybe pushing to the 20 out 30 realm. But only if I am lucky. I'm semi-confident in my English. Can't tell how well or not I did in my group interview and I think I fluffed my end question on my individual interview. I know they don't expect perfection, but the thing is there are so many people applying for only 60odd places. The idea is to stand out, I just hope that my enthusiasm is what gets me through. I just want to do this so much.

Words can't even express.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Weekend jitters.

Home alone for the first time in months & months & months.. In fact I probably can't remember how long ago it was. Was meant to be spending it with the boy, but he's poorly so he's resting at home. But yeah.. Spent the day watching Gavin and Stacey and putting up the Christmas decorations.

It's weird doing it because I remember this time last year and WOW how things have changed. I am so much better than I was then. The boy told me he loved me for the first time and every single time I think about it, I have a smile on my face. Sometimes I really do wonder if he maybe the person I'm meant to be with. But I don't think I see him enough to really know one way or another; but he definitely makes me happy.

But putting that all aside, I am very very very very scared. Come Tuesday at 9am, I will be having my midwifery interview to get onto the course. Sometimes I really doubt my ability to do it, because of what's happened and because it can be an incredibly emotional job. But I think I'm a lot harder and clear headed because of my past. Sometimes I do question that because I'm still an emotional cow, but that is always going to be a part of me. But yeah, I can't believe that I've got an interview for the course, like wow. I'm really hoping that I can get on and get placed at a close hospital. I just, I'm really hoping that this will be the start of my career. It means that my life is going to be on hold for 3 years, but that's ok.

I think atm that's what I've got doubts about. I'm not going to be working and I won't be getting any money. I really want to move out soon (maybe with the boy), but I feel like I'm getting to the point where I am literally too old to be living with my parents. I'm going to be 23 in 5 weeks. Today I had someone knocking at my front door and he thought that this house was mine. He then asked for my age and asked what I did - he seemed surprised. :| Really odd, but it made me feel so old (Y). FAB TIMES.

Hopefully though I can get my life on track in the next year.