Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hopes everyone had a lovely time. This post would have had photos but, alas, my camera is dead. Christmas went far far far too quick. But I'm quite ready to wave goodbye to 2012, you have been a bizarre year.

Christmas involved a few near-death experiences as I skidded down the A12 to pick the boyf up. Dinner at Toby Carvery, where way too much food was consumed. Followed by the delight-able experience of present-opening. I am really delighted by the presents I got this year, I literally felt spoilt. New clothes & shoes which were gorgeous. Mac makeup and nail's inc nail varnish which is incredibly glittery. I got a few things from lush which I will be happy to try out, I love their stuff. I've managed to get my hands on some Snow Fairy; I absolutely love this product. I now take it to the gym with me, it's my little pat on the back to myself after every work out. I come out of the gym smelling lovely.

I'm hoping still, to get my hands on some soap & glory products but I am very very poor this month. After paying for Mama's spar day for her birthday and putting the deposit on my friend's hen night I have been left very light of pocket.

A few reviews to come once my camera is back to life!



  1. Love your blog!

  2. Happy new year honey.