Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The most common thought of today was : 'Please just don't be sick'. I honestly do not think I have ever been more nervous than I have been today. I literally was pleading with my stomach to remain where the FUCK it was. Thankfully, it complied well but there was a few moments where it was touch and go. The reason?

I had my midwifery interview today. It is the scariest thought that this one day has the potential to change my life, forever. I have decided that if I don't get in, I will try one more time and then I will have to find another career path. I'm not confident that I did well in my maths assessment at all - in fact I think I literally got half marks, maybe pushing to the 20 out 30 realm. But only if I am lucky. I'm semi-confident in my English. Can't tell how well or not I did in my group interview and I think I fluffed my end question on my individual interview. I know they don't expect perfection, but the thing is there are so many people applying for only 60odd places. The idea is to stand out, I just hope that my enthusiasm is what gets me through. I just want to do this so much.

Words can't even express.

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