Sunday, 6 May 2012

Can't believe.. just wow. Okokokokok, so back up a bit. Basically, Jay came round last night and well let's just say we bumped some uglies. Three times & it was good. Oh my jeebus. He's the third person I've ever had sex with and within the quickest time frame.. All though I say this I can't even remember how quick it was before I had sex with L. I know with B it was 4 months. With Jay it's been 2 months and technically our 3rd date. It trips me out a bit. I sit here and I giggle to myself because I can't quite believe it. I'm not really sure if it will happen again, I think I will. Oh my days, it was just lovely.

We cuddled for hours and if he hadn't of had work he would have stayed over. So I drove him home at half 1 in the morning, so today I am exhausted. Im not really sure where this going to lead, but I hope some where good.

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