Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pass me the butter...

I'm not going to lie, I love Lush's bath bombs. In fact, if I could get away with it I'm sure I would have a bath bomb ever. single. day. No joke. I haven't been able to afford any lush stuff in months, so at the beginning of August, when I got paid I went straight into lush. I bought two things: 
1.) Dragon's Egg - Release the beast (Colour change; glittery; uplifting). I bought it for the fact that it sounded amazing, but when I popped it into my bath I had completely forgotten that it had glitter in it. Well, when I stepped out of my bath I looked like a glitter ball and so did my bed the next morning. So I guess, yes, it did deliver on improving my mood. It also smelt delicious too and my skin still smelt lovely the next morning alongside the glitter. I would definitely use this product again, maybe before a night out. To give that sparkly edge. Maybe.

 2.) Butterball - Fizzy Vanilla Musk Bomb. (Both photos). One of the main reasons I bought this was the fact that it had the words 'cocoa butter'. I could literally eat the stuff. Smelt absolutely GORGEOUS. As you can see it had some extras involved which surprised me as it buzzed around my bath. When I stepped into my bath I could already feel how it'd made the water feel, almost silky. It almost made my skin feel super smooth and continued to do so for a while after. 

I love everything about lush. To it's political stance, to it's forgiving packaging to the fact the products always live up to expectations. Will 100% be going back to buy these again.

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