Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Review - Face mask #no1

One of my favourite pass times is relaxing with a good face mask. More than usual, me and my skin get on so decided to treat it, I bought this on a whim whilst in Asda, waiting to be served. Pretty sure it cost less than £1.50 so nothing that will break the bank.

I always try and find the peel off types, not sure why but I have preference for those type of face masks. I actually think I've bought these ones before but a long time ago and whilst using this I remember why I haven't bought it in a long time. The packaging in which the product comes makes it pretty difficult to get the liquid out unless you cut right down to the bottom. I was hoping that a little squeeze on either side would push it open, but it's fair to say that all it did was squish everything together and make it in possible to see how much I had left; unless I got both hands dirty.

I did this a couple of nights ago and from what I remember there wasn't much of a nice smell to it. Which I was disappointed about. The liquid/syrupy stuff was easy to apply once you had managed to get it out of the packet. Left on for 20 minutes, some other areas needed 30 minutes & then I got fed up with waiting. Peeled off easily. Left my skin feeling very smooth that day and the day after. So for that it worked quite well.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. It's something I would buy providing I couldn't find anything else. Has anyone else tried this?

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