Sunday, 23 September 2012

Beauty Haul. Uno.

I intended this month to be a gentle month money wise. But after today, that clearly will not be the case. Three days after payday and I've already hit the shops. I justify this because I need these things. *cough*. ANYWAY.  My first point of call was next, with Autumn literally on our doorstep I figured it was time to buy myself a new jumper/cardigan. My mum pointed this beaut out to me.

It's lovely and warm, the texture is just so comfy. I sometimes find that some knitwear can make my skin itch, but I didn't seem to have any sort of reaction when I tried it on. The best bit was that I bought it in the size down than normal! Which I hope means that all these trip to the gym are FINALLY paying off. 

I finally took up the courage to go to a makeup counter to get myself some new make up. I've been putting it off for weeks, knowing that it was going to cost me a bomb and the fact that I get a little nervous when someone gets up close and personal with my skin. However, the lady that served me was really lovely and helped me out with getting the products that is best suited for my skin colour and type. This picture indicates how amazing my skin looked after she had finished applying the foundation, concealer and blusher. I don't really wear a lot of make up, but when I do on a day to day basis I want it look natural. I'm not a fan of wearing foundation that is a shade too dark and leaves a line of the side of my face/neck. But that's just down to personal opinion. Either way I bought makeup that was close to my skin type. The concealer is just fantastic. The genes in me, means that I naturally have dark circles under my skin - whether I'm tired or not. I also have quite narrow eyes, so I have to be careful with the amount of eye liner I wear. So as the picture demonstrates I have no dark cycles! My eyes look a lot bigger and brighter. I just look healthy, which is a bonus considering I'm just getting over my cold. :) 


The last place I visited was boots for some new shampoo for my hair. I generally without fail, go for Aussie shampoo. It just seems to improve and keep my health nice, shiny and heathy. As I walked in I noticed that there was a sale, 3for 2. YES. Perfect timing. I bought my normal Aussie products for my hair which I love. However, usually when I go to the gym (I try and go 3/4 times a week), I literally have to wash my hair every single time. My hair is extremely important to me. I have tried very hard not to get into the habit of washing my hair every day. I hate greasy hair with a passion. With this in mind, I've always bought every day shampoo by Aussie for obvious reasons. But felt that it was maybe time for a small change (and a slightly cheaper option). After many recommendations on bbloggers, I have decided to try out the VO5 revive me daily. I hope that this shall be as much of a success as I have been informed and will be testing it for the first time tomorrow after work :D 

 I also bought this, Vo5 treat me right for my hair; mainly because there was the 3-4-2 offer on. So will see how this goes :) Has anyone else tried this product?

Hope everyone else has/is having a lovely sunday :)


  1. Your skin looks fantastic! I think I'm going to go to MAC when I next need a new foundation, my sister recently bought some from there and her skin looks incredible now!

    I love Aussie stuff too, I've been making the most of the 3 for £10 offer they've had going on at the moment! Sometimes it's good to switch products around, sometimes it's like my hair gets used to things and needs a change and it brightens it up a bit.

  2. Glad to hear the lady at MAC really helped you with your purchases - seems like you picked out some lovely items judging from the picture :)