Sunday, 13 January 2013


Good morning everyone,

I've been awake for a while already today, too long if you ask me! However today is the 13th of January. Which means, today is my 23rd birthday. Not something I'm particularly fond about it. It is the first birthday I have been a bit apprehensive about, there is nothing fun about being another year old older from now on. That fact that I still live with my parents at 23 isn't something I'm a fan about either, this what now how I had planned my life at the age of 13. I joke, but seriously, I didn't think I'd still be living at home. This is something I've come to accept and if I have to live here for another few years then I will save up for when the times comes.


I've been bought some really love gifts this year. I will actually be doing an outfit of the day post. This is not something I would normally do because I'm not proud of my body shape, however I've been gaining confidence with going to the gym and I actually SEE the muscle I'm gaining. So all in all a happy start to my birthday! :) 


  1. Aw happy birthday!! Your special day happens only once a year and i hope you have a fab one! Looking forward to your outfit post x

  2. Btw you might need to edit your blog title description for it still says 22 year old hehe^^

    1. oooh! I completely forgot about that :D