Saturday, 26 January 2013

Body shop wonder.

The body shop.
The last time I entered into my local body shop I was nearly balled over by how strong the smell was. This was, nearly 5 years ago now - give or take. The same shop is now being renovated so we have no body shop currently. But walking past the empty shop, I realised that I've never actually bought anything from there. I've always wanted to but I never known what. I've decided that when the brand new shop is up and running, I'd like to make a little trip inside and have a look and dabble a bit.

Has anyone bought from their local body shop? What sort of products would you suggest?


  1. Oo I luv body shop! There always is some good deals going on whether through or through the emails body shop send me, plus I have their loveme loyalty card which always helps!
    It's worth using these vouchers if your're going to shop in there~~

    In my opinion, I would say their best products so far are their body butters. I havn't tried their skincare but their bath and body products are in such a great variety of flavours!!

    If you're still unsure what to get, I'll suggest you get a box set which include a range of small things - that way you can try their goods out and not spending too much on a full sized product.

  2. i haven't bought anything from them but please post what you will be getting :)

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