Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wishful thinking.

Hello lovers,

Hope all is week 9 days into the new year. I can safely say it feels like a LOT longer than that. I wonder how many people have already given up their new years resolutions ;). I feel like I'm working towards mine as it stands. Since the last time I blogged I'd lost a whole ONE POUND. But I still count this as a success; every little helps and all. I've been going to the gym :

Saturday: half a mile swim.
Sunday: quarter of a mile swim.
Monday: half a mile swim.
Tuesday: weights & 2 mile speedy walk.

I know, nothing exactly exciting but I haven't been able to get onto my favourite machine at the gym (sounds quite sad doesn't it!) which is the cross trainer. I literally feel like I work my arse off on that machine. So when I come off it 42 minutes later (knowing I've burnt around 500kcal!), I feel like I've successfully achieved my goal that day. This may be attempted tomorrow or Friday, depending on how I feel. As it stands I feel physically exhausted. I'm struggling today to actually move myself around I just want to sleep. But, I think I've lost some weight around my tummy so it's just a price I have to pay.

On a personal note I had a good conversation with two of my friends about the lack of self esteem and confidence I have in myself and the potential that this has to damage my relationship with my boyfriend. I literally lack anything and I think that it's time I sorted this situation out.

I have a few products that I got bought for christmas which I am waiting to get round to review. Lush & MAC. I could rave about Lush until the cows come home, I LOVE their stuff. I look forward to being able to purchase a few things when I get paid.

Nothing much really to say tbh. I've discovered that my boyfriend is more than likely going to move out with his best friend (*sob*). I am a little sad to think that it won't be me & the reason? Because I might be going into midwifery and thus, can't "afford" it. I'm really gutted if truth be told. I find it hard to believe that he will want to move out very soon after moving in with his best friend. It also means that any plans I had to move out are completely on hold. Although I love being at home and the idea of moving out terrifies me, knowing that I could see my boyfriend every day made it worth it. But now, that idea has gone to poo. I guess that means I have more money to spend on pretty things. Although, if I don't get into my midwifery, I will be absolutely gutted.

Fingers crossed I get in. Hurry up March/April!

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