Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Motivated? Positive? Get up & go?

I'm pretty much lying to myself that I have all those things in order to go to one of those things ^. A gym. I've been a member of my gym for 4 months, having been a member a year beforehand. I managed to lose a stone with the helping hand of weight watchers. The last 4 months have been hard and the gym has pretty much taken a backseat in that. In doing so I have made excuse after excuse not to go. "I'm too tired" or "I hurt too much" or "I have things I really need to do at home". Although these reasons do hold some truth to them, I've found that really the bottom line is that I've been to lazy to go. But now, I seem to have my motivation back and I'm going to convince myself enough that I do. I would really love to lose half a stone by the end of September in order to feel more confident when I basically play host at my Dad's 60th birthday party. Whereby half of my family will be there and shit loads of friends of the family. I want to feel confident and have beautiful photos to look back on. So my goal is to lose half a stone by the 29th of September and maybe a dress size?! I want to buy a beautiful dress that I can wear and just feel amazing.

My weight has been the thing that's held me back for so long. Probably too long. It's time I take control and hopefully start to feel better about myself. It will be good for me, my boyfriend & my life.

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