Monday, 28 January 2013

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation. To be found here.

When I went to the MAC desk, I stated that I wanted to look natural, to look like I haven't got any/much make up on. I'm just not a fan of looking plastic / orange and so on and so forth. I also didn't want to look shiny. This when the lady picked up this; Mac studio sculpt. Although it's a quite small for the price (£24) it has actually lasted a very long time..I've probably had this nearly 4/5 months, although I don't use it every day. You don't actually need much of this, the smallest amount will cover quite a lot of your face and it lasts all day. It leaves my skin looking natural and healthy, but covers evenly. I've always struggled with finding a foundation that I can work with, flicking between many different brands. This is one, that I have stayed with for a while and has been the best so far. Although at the price, I'm sure I will try to find a cheaper but just as good version.

Have you tried this? What other brands have you tried?

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  1. I've had this and I was rather impressed! Though now I'm ibn LOVE with No.7 Foundation ahah Fab review and awesome blog I'm def your newest follower! Here's mine if you fancy a peek or a cheeky follow back!
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